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CTA Blending4Ag 3rd Newsletter, November 2016

Blending4Ag: paving the way forward!

In the United Nations' Third International Conference on Financing for Development, in July 2015, blended finance as an approach to fill the gap in development finance was considered so important that it was mentioned seven times in the Conference's outcome. The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation, CTA (EU-ACP)  agrees, and hence decided to organize the "Blended Finance for Agriculture" (Blending4Ag) conference. The meeting aims at strategizing innovative means of driving private, public and philanthropic initiatives to bolster flows of agricultural financing (both for working capital and investments).  With blended finance, opportunities for smallholders and agribusinesses can be unlocked while financiers can achieve their return targets. It is clear that linking farmers and (international) providers of finance is fraught with difficulties. But these can be overcome. In this event, we look forward to engaging an array of experts and decision-makers to discuss possible partnerships to conquer obstacles and mitigate risks.

CTA Blending4Ag 2nd Newsletter, September 2016

It's time to register for the Blending4Ag conference!
Blending4Ag is the second ever conference on blended finance for agriculture. 

The conference will focus on the practicalities of mixing public, philanthropic and private capital in emerging and frontier markets for agriculture: 

  • Achieving leverage in unlocking private funding for smallholder agriculture through public resources 
  • Facilities for local currency financing in blended finance for agriculture
  • Partnership for effective financing of climate change adaptation and resilience 
  • Risk management and other support structures in blended finance for agriculture 

CTA Blending4Ag 1st Newsletter, August 2016