WG1: How climate certification criteria for debt capital markets and fixed income can facilitate investments in inclusive and sustainable agricultural value chains

The Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) works to mobilise the largest capital market of all, the US$100 trillion bond market for climate change solutions. The strategy is to develop a large and liquid Green and Climate Bonds Market that will help drive down the cost of capital for climate projects in developed and emerging markets; to grow aggregation mechanisms for fragmented sectors; and to support governments and corporates seeking to tap debt capital markets. CBI has established and runs the Climate Bonds Standard and Certification Scheme – a FairTrade-like labelling scheme for bonds. A Technical Working Group has been working on the eligibility criteria for the Land Use sector, with includes agriculture.

This session starts with an explanation of the Climate Bond Standard’s Land Use eligibility criteria. It asks: What are the eligible assets/activities and associated climate benefits (i.e. rationale for eligibility); and what are the positive and negative screening criteria to confirm real climate benefits and minimise unintended costs on ecosystems and communities? This is followed by an exploration of what’s needed to allow bond issuers and others to demonstrate compliance with criteria: standard CSA requirements for climate finance; existing standards/metrics and gaps (e.g. climate resilience) and what is needed to better support compliance mechanisms and transparent reporting? Can these criteria also indicate a ‘bar’ for the types of benefits that should be delivered by recipients of climate finance? Who should take the lead in harmonising CSA criteria across climate finance sources, and accelerating finance for smallholder-inclusive agricultural value chains?

Coordinated and chaired by Clarmondial and the Climate Bond Initiative. Expert contributors: Christine Negra, Principal at Versant Vision; Tanja Havemann, Director, Clarmondial; and Anna Creed, Standards Manager, Climate Bonds Initiative.

Presentation: Partnership for effective financing of climate change adaptation and resilience projects: eligibility criteria, proving compliance, key stakeholders

Partnership for effective financing of climate change adaptation and resilience

Partnership for effective financing of climate change adaptation and resilience

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Day 1: 07 November 2016 15:45 - 17:30

Studio 313 & 315

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The Climate Bond Initiative