Founded in early 2008, we are specialized in structuring and originating tailored index solutions to globally mitigate the effects of adverse weather, climate change and natural catastrophes. By applying our index logic, we analyze big data to design insurance products. Our technology enables us to provide smart climate insurance and enhance climate smart behaviour. By reducing distribution, claims and administration cost we achieve lower premiums.  

Whether it’s a power utility, a farm or a firm trading seasonal products, adverse weather conditions can interfere with a company’s bottom line and cut a hole in profits.

CelsiusPro, founded in March this year and based in Zürich, aims to help managers eliminate downside risks and earnings volatility caused by weather, paying its customers automatically and promptly when their pre-defined weather conditions occur – without them having to submit a claim.

Core Services:

  • Risk analysis and insurance solution design
  • Corporate hedging
  • White label platform allowing pricing and policy management for insurers and brokers
  • Risk transfer
  • Micro insurance
  • Weather Sensitivity Analyses of Insurance Portfolios
  • Alerts and decision making
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