Diana Cazacu-Jamieson

CEO AdVision Finance B.V., Netherlands

Diana Cazacu-Jamieson>

Diana Cazacu-Jamieson

CEO AdVision Finance B.V., Netherlands

Short bio

Diana's experience includes: 

• Over 15 years of multi-cultural involvement in the banking and microfinance industry, that included work in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and Central America

• Operations, IT and executive management of microfinance banks, in positions of Technology Director, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer

• Microfinance banks and programs design in emerging countries, implementation of green field microbanks and due diligence for acquisitions and mergers of microfinance institutions

• Development and implementation of operational policies and procedures, operational processes design and implementation, operations internal controls (including cash handling, payments, reconciliations of account and e-banking)

• Assessment, management, monitoring and mitigation of operational risk

• Implementation of banking core systems, including the process engineering to ensure efficiency of banking and microfinance operations; I leverage my knowledge in using technology to increase outreach and provide financial services to rural/remote areas

• Rural/Agri finance program design, including cashless payment systems for small holder farmers contracted by agriculture corporations